Why a Buyback Clothing Guarantee?

Our mission at the Mini Branch is to make Parenting Easier.  After many discussions, we thought it would be great to have a store that would buyback the clothes purchased.  It can often be time consuming to go through and try and sell through other channels or through consignment, and as parents the easier the better!

We have been educating ourselves on the benefits of slow-fashion vs. Fast-fashion, and there’s something quite rewarding about not throwing out a piece of garment after a few wears and sending it to the landfill (approx. 10.5 million tonnes in North America every year, if you’re wondering…)

Our goal is to sell high quality, durable clothing that will last through multiple children, which allows The Mini Branch to repurchase the clothing.  Initial investment tends to be a bit higher; however, often the price per wear is less compared to fast-fashion clothing.

When we receive the clothing we will sanitize, mend, or upcycle the clothing and resell it in our preloved section. 


How do I send my clothes back?

Ottawa Region:  We can arrange a pick-up or drop-off by contacting hello@theminibranch.com

Canada-wide:  contact us at hello@theminibranch.com and we will send you the form to fill out and more information regarding the buyback!

Do you accept other clothes?

We do! At this time, we are building our clothing inventory for our preloved section, we will accept any brands from the following list: Brands we Love.

How do you calculate the resale value?

The resale value is calculated based on a few factors the current market price and clothing’s condition.


Preloved Pricing Structure

Buyback amount= Price of resale value X (clothing condition and choice of store credit/cash %)

Example: A customer brings in a sweater in great condition and The Mini Branch thinks it can be sold for $50.00 and customer has chosen store credit, the buyback amount would equal the following:
 25 = $50.00 * 50%. The customer would receive a $25 store credit


Buyback Clothing Guarantee
(originally purchased with The Mini Branch)

Brands We love

Brand New with tags

Full refund

50% store credit or 40% cash

Great condition

50% store credit or 30% cash

50% store credit or 30% cash

Good condition (Minor tear or stain that can be rescued)

50% store credit or 20% cash

50% store credit or 20% cash


5-10 % store credit

5-10 % store credit